Simply Options Premium Monthly Membership

Simply Options Premium Monthly Membership

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It's time to take your trading to the next level. No more guesswork. Here at Simply Options, we take risk management very seriously and only risk capital for the highest potential reward with defined invalidation levels. Gavin May, head analyst and notable elliott wave practitioner, provides daily elliott wave setups with incredibly precise profit and invalidation (stop loss) levels. James Roland, derivative velocity expert, provides low risk / high reward setups using proprietary triggers, and has a inconceivable knack for finding squeezes in their early stages. 

Joining our discord service not only gives you access to: 

-Daily and intraday updates

-Daily livestreams

-Post market video breakdown recounting the day's trades with explanations as to why they were taken

The next day's trading plan (on video/stream as well)

-Live trading

-10+ daily big tech elliott wave charts with actionable setups and invalidation levels

-Daily stock velocity tracking using proprietary software and much more!


We fix burned traders. Need to find your edge? Lost a lot of money recently? This is your opportunity to improve your trading skills and crack the code to financial markets.

The system developed here that will be taught to you is a true game changer, and completely eliminates the guess work in trading. What you will learn with us is how to identify optimal trade opportunities, profit targets, stop losses, how to identify and buy fakeouts, and on top of that, you will be part of a supportive and fun community with likeminded goals. 

New members are expected to have a basic knowledge of trading, as the methods utilized are atypical and require the individual to be open minded and diligent. 

Monthly, only accept a very few amount of new members, on a first come, first serve basis.